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Taking Up Residence

So another month has gone by…. So much has happened and yet there’s so much still to do!

I’ve been back in Fethiye for two weeks, the aim being to get the house ready and make sure we’ve got services like internet and electricity in place. I also wanted to apply for my residency permit, so that at least one of us can come and go as necessary.

I expected to have tales of a long and tortuous process to tell, based on what I’d heard from others. But, yet again, my Turkish heroes rode to my rescue – and it proved so simple as to almost be an anti-climax!

We collected the list of what was needed from the Passport Polis office and returned just an hour later with the necessary admin and paperwork completed. Handed it in, along with my passport, and received a slip of paper to help locate my documents when I returned. Job done. It’s amazing what happens when you have people who know where they’re going and who the need to see.

For those that aren’t so fortunate, you can hire people to help make it equally straightforward. (I’m not sure so don’t quote me, but I think it’s about 150TRY.) You can also, of course, do it yourself – but it can get complicated. On the day I collected my permit, a fraught-looking American lady returned for the fifth time trying to put in an application for her son. On each occasion, there was something just not quite right and she was nearing the end of her tether.

No matter which route you choose, remember you need five passport-style photographs of yourself – they will take them all but for some reason you’ll get one back with your permit – and a photocopy of your most recent bank statement, showing you’ve got sufficient funds to support yourself. I’d read initially that you needed a Turkish bank account in order to get residency, but that’s not true. In spite of my earlier post, my optimism proved somewhat premature and, more than two months later, ours still isn’t up and running. It would have been quicker to do it in person. However, for residency purposes, a UK account with a lump sum in it was fine.

I was thrilled to collect my little blue permit that said I was entitled to stay in Turkey for three years (assuming I don’t break any rules!) and I’m rather looking forward to the next time I come through Turkish passport control!



Passports & Paperwork

I had a bit of an anxious moment earlier this week which seems (crosses fingers) to be unfounded.

After checking our passports, I realised that our daughter’s expires in May 2015. I’d read that in order to get a 12-month residency in Turkey, you needed 14 months left on your passport – which means we’d need to apply for hers in March next year at the latest. As that might not be possible, we obviously need to renew it first.

Except when I looked into it….. Well, to me at least, this page on the Government website makes it pretty clear. You can’t renew a child’s passport until there’s nine months or less left on it. That means we can’t renew until September 2014.

Hence the panic. She wouldn’t have enough time left on her passport to qualify for residency, but her three-month tourist visa would have expired before we could get the renewal.

I decided to call the Passport Office. After all, we can’t be the only family that has ever been in this situation. The chap I spoke to was lovely and I can’t fault the service. He told me that I can apply for her new passport any time and they’d add on up to nine months, the same as for an adult document.

“You’re sure?” I asked. “Even though she’s under 16?” Yes, he replied. It was something that a lot of people got confused about.

Having looked at the website, I’m not surprised. It’s certainly how I read it.

But as it seems my fears are unfounded, I’m headed for the Post Office this weekend to pick up a renewal form. Might as well get it done quickly while turnaround times are shorter.

The next task might prove more difficult, though. I need to persuade my daughter to get her hair out of her eyes in order to get an acceptable photograph taken…. Wish me luck.