About Us

Some time ago, while discussing where we wanted to be in life, we agreed we rather liked the idea of living a less complicated life in the sunshine. More recently, personal events led us to realise that we didn’t have to wait – we could do it now.

So that’s what we decided to do.

Between us, we’ve made a living as writers for well over half a century as journalists, PR & communications consultants and social media experts. So there was no way we’d ever do this without documenting the process.

As well as being a way for us to record our own adventures, we hoped it might prove entertaining, helpful and informative for anyone who might also be thinking of treading a similar path – during our research, we discovered how hard it can be to find good information and genuine experiences that are useful when it comes to making decisions or choosing your next steps.

Rebecca & Steve


2 thoughts on “About Us

    1. theparsleys Post author

      Thanks! Seem to do little else but read and research but you can’t have too much information! The most frustrating thing at the moment is the lack of info on the residency permit changes. Love the photos of the New Year’s Day Splash by the way!


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