Progress – Sort Of

Yippee, I’m going on a research trip!

The final decision still hasn’t been made and – unless we make it ourselves – probably won’t be for a couple more weeks. In the meantime, the opportunity has arisen for a week-long visit to one potential new destination with friends who also plan to move there.

We agonised a bit – after all, if we end up going to the alternative place then it’s a big fat waste of money and time. But if we say no and that is where we’re moving to, it’s a wasted chance to meet our friends’ contacts, make the most of their already-gained local knowledge and generally get ahead of the game.

The trip isn’t until the end of October and there’s every chance we’ll know one way or the other what we’re doing by then. In which case, I guess I’ve lucked into an unexpected holiday. (We needed to say yea or nay pretty quickly.)

But it’s amazing how much of a boost it is to feel that at least we’re moving forward and doing something!

I’m already impatiently counting down the days and making lists of things not to forget. Haven’t felt this positive for ages!




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